Hello Senior Citizens!

If you're here then you're probably graduating soon and I think that's awesome. Pat yourself on the back but also book with me because I'm going to make you look fiiiiiine!

Celebrating this time of your life is really important. All the stress of deadlines, life change, and the real world can deter you from a lot but don't let it stop you from dressing up and being treated to a shoot for like 90 minutes. 

If you want to see my portrait work (which you should def check out) then click this little link here - CLICK HERE PRETTY PLEASE

I have made packages for ya because everyone needs different things!

How do I choose a package?

You can shoot solo for a full session with me and that ensures that you get quality time with me and lots and lots of photos. We can also work with hair stylists, makeup artists, and fashion stylists if that interests you. That would mean adjusting the packaging and pricing a bit but we can make this happen!

OR you go get your friends and we do a group shoot. In these group shoots, you still get individual portraits, too!

Why group shoots?

It's at a discounted rate, first of all, but also you can have fun photos with your besties and that's pretty cool. 

If you want to do a group rate with friends but still want more individual photos and less group photos or vice versa then let me know! That part of the group package is super flexible. I'm here for you so let's work this out!

A few weeks after our shoot, you will receive all of your images for download in your own online gallery. 

Book soon and we can work out a for sure date. I know the best seasonal times to shoot so if you want colorful fall or spring shots then I'M YOUR GIRL.  I bring that color and energy to life in photos because it's what I'm all about. Let's book this shoot so you can shine bb!



I Want It All


1 person 

3-4 outfits

2 hours

3 locations (or walk around and explore an area)

150 portraits minimum (can easily be over 150 depending on amount of locations and outfits)


I'm Feelin' Myself


1 person

2 outfits

1 ½ hours

2 locations or explore an entire area

100 portraits minimum


Sweet & Simple


1 person

1 outfit

45 minutes

1 location

35 portraits



MK & Ashley

$300 per person

2 people

3 outfits each

2 hours

2 locations

40 individual portraits each

30 group shots


The Plastics

$275 per person

3-4 people

1-2 outfits each

2 hours

1 location

15 individual portraits each

15 group photos


The Breakfast Club

$250 per person

5-7 people

1 outfit only

2 hours

1 location

10 individual photos each

10 group photos


-If you want to include props like a stethoscope, graduation gown or white coat, sports equipment, globe, art supplies, etc. then just consult with me first!