Fashion Edition : Collaborative Fashion Shoot in Fort Worth, Texas

A Fort Worth fashion shoot is in the books. And no, it's not a Stockyards southern boutique inspired fashion shoot just because I said Fort Worth. This Fort Wort fashion shoot is urban and bold

When you put a bunch of creatives in a cool, urban setting with a loud speaker playing music you'll find they get a little weird and a lot imaginative.

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Couples Edition : Olivia and Colton Explore NYC

The fun thing about shooting with couples, such as Olivia and Colton, is we always kick back with drinks and explore whatever we explore and are out to enjoy the day and that's what I'm all about.

NYC couples shoots are great for those who have an adventurous soul but can also kick it and people watch while sipping espresso (or a cocktail or a beer or yeah). Fun fact : Olivia decided to get an espresso, although she never drinks them, and hated it so much that her thick southern accent and remarks of disgust could probably be heard across the street. Probably one of my favorite moments of the shoot. Also, thanks Colton for buying my beer. You the real MVP.

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Maternity Edition : Emily and Dennis Kelly

Working with couples and families is special because I am invited into their lives and I'm blessed to witness how they live and love and there's something so intimate about being a part of that. I also gain knowledge, wisdom, and insight into how people work and thrive because I'm constantly working with them in personal situations. Being photographed is pretty vulnerable so I'm thankful to be an artist that is invited into other people's bubbles.

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Portrait Edition : Best of 2017

2017 has been a hell of a year.

I was an au pair in Italy for 3 1/2 months, I spent time in London, Scotland, New Jersey, New York City, and Kentucky, and I've also officially started my photography business.

Before this year, photography was my passion, my degree and homework, and my side hustle. However, starting this summer I have buckled down on learning business, marketing, and more! I'm making it my full time profession. WOO! It's terrifying but I also can't wait to reach goals and dreams.

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Senior Portrait Edition : Rylee

It's such an honor to take important photos for someone because I get to visually illustrate how cool he or she is. And if y'all don't know Rylee, let me tell you, she's freaking cool.

The day of her shoot, we met up in Dallas and explored a bit. She took me to this sweet parking garage where we got amazing views of the Fountain Place as a backdrop. Fun Fact: my sister and I have always called this building the airplane building because of its shape. I'm always down for parking garages so I was super pumped for that. We also walked around the streets, visited the eye ball of Dallas, hung out under the lights at the Majestic theater, and just caught up on life. When I do urban portraits, I really enjoy walking around and exploring places, always on the lookout for light, colors, and design. We definitely found fun places to shoot that day and I can't wait to shoot in Dallas again!

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Lifestyle Edition: Apple Picking and 6 Other October Traditions

I was just thinking about it today - who doesn't love Autumn? I don't know if Fall is the most loved season but I really think it's the least hated. Some people hate summer and winter as they are pretty extreme but there's always a craze around fall.

Fall is such a hauntingly beautiful season. Everything starts to die yet we adore the transition. In nature's cycle of death, vibrant colors, cooler weather, and glowing sunlight peaks. Plaid clothing, bonfires, ghost stories, and outdoor activities thrive. It's our last hoorah of the year before the holidays get crazy and the winter causes us to hibernate.

Fall is like a warm cozy hug and in that season October always holds an air of excitement.

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Travel Edition: Top 10 Reasons Why I Miss London

I miss London. All the time.

There are always places while traveling that call my name that I know I will return to, or even have returned to, because I can't stay away. The Scottish Highlands, Italy, and London are the top ones I always go back to. 

London is the most extraordinary city I’ve visited. It is vast, diverse, and rich in history.

Moreover, London is simply one of those places I feel homesick for even though it’s not my home.

I last visited London this May and am already planning to go back next year. Missing London is my part time job.

My brother-in-law asked me the other day what was the thing I missed most about London and my first answer was “pubs!” but he wanted a more serious answer so I had the idea to create this list to show why I’m always homesick for a city that I haven’t even lived in.

The top 10 reasons why I miss London:

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Travel Edition: London is Colorful and Magical and Rivals NYC

London is a massive city and it's the best city. In here you'll discover my love for London versus NYC with a Buzzfeed quiz on which of those cities you belong in as that is of the upmost importance, my own walking tour I created based on London's color, Harry Potter locations I visited in London, and parks and other photogenic scenes of this incredible city. 

I decided to make myself my own walking tour on my first day in London. I only had two days for zone 1 and 2 so I wanted to see as much as I could in the beautiful city I hadn't visited for three years.

I made a color tour. I love unique perspectives and I figured if I really want to see London in a different way then I should seek out its color. That's why so many pictures in here are colorful and I didn't even add half of them and even more are included in the next blog. I like colors, can ya tell? Brooklyn might have better street art but London wins when it comes to colorful charm.


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Editorial Photoshoot: Fashion Inspired Lake Day

I shot as if it were an Editorial photoshoot by choosing a set location and a specific outfit for the model, working with a chosen mood, and utilizing a variety of poses and visual references such as a boat, sand, and water to embellish the summer-to-fall transition theme. However, it was a low budget shoot with no team to prep for it like Editorial shoots have. Also, unlike a true Editorial photoshoot, we didn't choose a specific clothing or fashion brand but we chose the fashion based on the visuals and created an illusion as if the shoot were representing a brand. I was more interested in the visual aspect and what the clothing, model, and environment was capable of narrating to the viewer. 

Basically, it was a much more relaxed and inexpensive version of an Editorial shoot but I definitely planned for the outcome to look Editorial.

For the shoot, I decided to capture a fusion of fall colors and summer wear as autumn starts to creep in, but let's be real, it's Texas and still pretty blazing hot. The romper we chose is perfect as it has sleeves with a fall color palette and pattern, but it is also thin and airy for a warm lake day. Basically, it is the perfect fashion piece to transition from summer to fall. 

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Summer Sunset Shoot in Marigold

Folksy, bohemian, free-spirited portrait sessions in nature during the late summertime are what my photography dreams are made of.

Texas is wonderful to shoot for that flat horizon and sunset sky. Not to mention that cornfields, yellow sunflowers, pink crepe myrtles, and a marigold dress sure do make my job easier.

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Brixton Film Preset Edits for a Stylish Film Look | Portraits

In this blog I cover:

How I find subjects and models to shoot with while traveling / What said shoots look like with Brixton Preset edits / Compare & Contrast VSCO and Brixton / A step-by-step visual example using a Brixton preset  / Using different styles of Brixton presets on shoots with models and couples / A comparison of multiple Brixton presets amongst one photograph / A curation of my portraits with different Brixton presets / The conclusion = cons + pros + why

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Brixton Film Preset Edits for a Stylish Film Look | London + Scotland

Brixton Film and I teamed up so I can present their presets and bundles to photographers and I'm super excited to show them off because I'm in love with the results. I curated travel photos from a recent London and Scotland trip I took that I've been meaning to edit so why not use Brixton Film?! The ones I used the most are so beautiful and moody with rich shadows and cool highlights. They change the image from RAW and flat to a whole different dimension of depth and the perfect mixture of warm and cool. I love warm photos, rich blacks, and color color color. I had so much fun editing with two specific presets. What are they you ask?? You'll find out at the end of the blog!

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Carlotta : An Italian Goddess

Carlotta. Before I introduce you to her, I did a little Google search on the meaning of her name.

Free & Strong.

This is pretty accurate.

Carlotta is a goddess as you'll see from her photos. She reminds me of Venus with her hair and classic, strong features.

She's got an aura like fire. The kind of fire you want to be near because it warms you up and suddenly the current moment turns timeless and beautiful.

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Milan Fashion Shoot

The energy was real on this shoot y'all.

3 artistic, traveling, free spirited women met in Milan.

Quiana can  s l a y.  She isn't camera shy, she has energy like the sun, and her strong personality was like a magnet for me. She made the photoshoot so easy.


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Traveling Napoli + Amalfi Coast in 6 days

A month ago I visited Naples + Sorrento + Positano + Capri + Pompeii and hiked Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods). I only had 4 full days of touring as 2 days were flight days.

I read so many blogs and spent hours trying to get this trip just right. And guess what?! It paid off!

I found the best way to hike the Path of the Gods without wasting time & I found the the best way to see as many beautiful cities as I could before I left.

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10 Online Travel Hacks I Use on the Daily

Technology for the win! I know many people have qualms with technology and social media. I totally get it and you do you. I've met travelers who don't even have phones. For me, I put a lot of trust and information into my phone for smoother travels. 

In no particular order, these are 10 apps I use either daily or weekly while traveling. 

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Portrait Editing : VSCO & Sleeklens

So I took it upon myself to test out these Sleeklens tools by comparing my original VSCO edits with Sleeklens edits.

With my VSCO edits, I select a preset, adjust as needed, and retouch in Photoshop.

With my Sleeklens edits, I rarely had to open Photoshop for more retouching because the brushes could do everything in Lightroom.

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Desenzano, Italy

The lake was so blue and clear that I kept thinking it was the sea. 

It was one of the first amazing days that felt like spring. The sun was out and the sky was clear and it felt uhhhhhhmazing. 

A large market of white tents lined the blue lake that was framed with stones. Across sat restaurants, sculptures, and people sunbathing while eating their lunches. 

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