Abroad {week 4}: Spain

This week I have added 3 videos instead of iPhone photos! Check out my 4th week in Spain. It's been pretty cool. 

5.24 / 7:13 post meridiem // When the kids come home from school we try to play and stay active but sometimes it's hard. They all come home at different times and sometimes one kid has a bunch of homework while the other has none. This day, Paloma and Jaime were home before Alvaro and had already finished their homework so we took our bikes and rode to a nearby park where they played with friends and then we rode back to this park you see here and played on the swings. It was a blast. I played on the same things they did which consisted of getting really dizzy and feeling like a kid all over again and was pretty awesome. 

5.25 / 11:30 ante meridiem // I did something that I would never usually do which is take a video of myself for everyone to see haha I hate being in front of the camera not because I don't like attention, because I really do, but because I have a really negative image of myself at times. *perfectionist problems* and just a quick side note--stop calling yourself a perfectionist if you're not. It's silly. Being a perfectionist isn't fun or healthy. It's not about being tidy and organized. It's much more than that. ANYWAY I took this video because I like to show a mix of my adventures with my normal daily things. I do workout sometimes I swear! haha. Not all the time because I have been keeping myself super busy with my online tutoring, blogging, editing, babysitting, and a lot of time goes into walking around to get places. Walking places takes forever y'all. And I count my walking days as an active day anyway. So I only do workouts about 1-2 times a week to be honest. But that's ok! I want to prove that working out while traveling is achievable with your own body weight. So here's a quick vid of a workout I did the other day. It was super challenging and I'm glad I accomplished it in the end! 

5.26 / 2:00 post meridiem // A blog and photo post of this small excursion will be coming soon! I took a short video of a Cathedral and cemetery I visited because I thought it was absolutely stunning. I vow to make the rest of my videos better haha.

YouTube description: 

This is not a creative video nor a serious video. I simply made this to show you all a beautiful area of Spain I visited. I apologize for that weird swooshing/clicking noise the whole time. That's my lens moving and I didn't know it was doing that so my bad. Also, some of the scenes are sped up, like when I'm talking in the beginning, because I was so distracted by my surroundings and talked way too slowly haha.

The Cathedral and cemetery are breathtaking and unfortunately I could not capture everything. The video only captures half the beauty I saw. I will be returning to this place so maybe you'll see more of it soon!

5.27 / 9:42 post meridiem // On Friday, the family and I drove to Zaragoza. It's a 7 hour drive (about 8 hours with stops and meals) and it seriously was so amazing. I could not keep my eyes closed throughout the drive. I will be writing more about it but this is a quick snapshot of a mountain from my window as we were driving. My phone tagged the location as Pancorbo. I will be getting on Google Maps on satellite and 3D view to try and see some of the landscape again and pin my favorite places. It was incredible. Right after I took this photo we entered a tunnel under the mountain and then another and then another, curving left and right, to weave throughout the valleys. It was amazing. 


5.28 / 1:08 post meridiem // This photograph was taken from the plaza of La Magdelena (what what name tie) and the white Cathedral you see directly in front is called La Seo de Zaragoza (or the Cathedral of the Savior). I especially loved this Cathedral from the get go because white is my favorite color so I was drawn to its beauty. The day was bright and warm but the building was fresh and white which may not come across clearly in this photograph but the building was so white that it was difficult to stare at it in the sun. The family and I walked up to the Cathedral to view it but found ourselves in the middle of a large crowd of very dressed up people. The women were wearing formal dresses with hats (think English royal celebrities dressing up for a very special event) and the men were wearing traditional suits that had long coats and split in the back like a scissor-tail. I have no clue what that is called in the fashion world haha. We walked back to this fountain and watched. There were photographers everywhere and all the adults and children in their beautiful attire were quickly ushered in. Then police cars and their sirens drove by and cleared the way. A vintage car drove up and a woman in a wedding dress steps out and entered the Cathedral. WOW!! The wedding was obviously of importance. I don't know who got married (i'll do some digging but may need a translator) but whoever it was had to have been important, especially if they were getting married in such a special and significant Cathedral! 


5.29 / 12:12 post meridiem // This is the Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Pilar (or Basilica of our Lady of the Pillar) in Zaragoza, Spain. More photos and a blog post coming up on this! This Basilica is so massive and grand that I couldn't even capture all of it in one iPhone shot while standing back from it as you can tell. *ugh* 

 It also stands directly in front of the sun so taking photos of it was quite challenging. I tried my best with photos on my DSLR this weekend but the place became so crowded. I honestly don't ever care too much if my photographs come out, though, because I'm focusing on the moment itself.

The basilica is pretty breathtaking. Keep your eyes open for more details to come! 

5.30 / 12:50 post meridiem // I know this video is super low res and might be difficult to make out. That's because it's from an iPhone. I get really sick of low res photos and videos but it's a way of life these days. Anyway, I have this super cool view from my window that I still have yet to show in great detail because when I take photos and videos with my iPhone or DSLR I still can't seem to capture the details like my naked eye sees it. One of the cool things I see from my window is this edge of a large hill the looks like a cliff that stands behind all of the stacked buildings. It's really beautiful and neat. Little did I know until about a week into living here is that this skinny cliff jutting out from the large hill is the runway for airplanes at the A Coruna airport! I have been waiting to see a plane actually land here. I always hear them but run to the window too late to see anything. Today I saw a plane landing and recorded it! It's the little things in life, y'all.