Kentucky Blueberry Pickin'

In summer of 2014, I visited Kentucky like I have every year since I was a baby. Kentucky is my other home besides Texas. I have amazing family members that live in Kentucky and it is a highlight of my year when I visit. 

Kentucky vacations include visiting family, excursions with said family like hiking and going to swamps and cemeteries, dancing to Bluegrass banjos on a river bank with pizza, swimming and eating ice-pops, singing a lot, discussing JFK's assassination with our granddad, and eating good local food. I have a pretty cool family and cherish my time with them. One of our traditions with the Walden family is to go blueberry picking. The Walden kids are my 1st cousins and Kelly, my aunt, is my mother's sister.  They are truly some of my most favorite people on this planet.

There's a nearby Blueberry farm where you get bang for your buck.  We spend a few hours picking, picking, picking. We pick so much that Kelly takes bags and bags and freezes them and also gives everyone else their own huge stock to last a while.

Picking blueberries is really therapeutic for some people, like many of my family members, so we really enjoy it. We start early because once the Kentucky summer sunshine rises high all we do is sweat. The humid air in Kentucky is no joke. I always say I feel like I'm walking through a vat of water, sucking in water molecules. 

Arriving at that farm with the early sun is beautiful.  A periwinkle sky casts over green branches, early birds sing, summer bugs buzz, dew on the ground soaks through mesh tennis shoes, and marbled blueberries of pink, purple, and blue wait to be picked. By the time we leave it is still early in the day but the heat has taken its toll. We leave sweaty and tired but absolutely satisfied with our labor and endless blueberries. 

I took a bunch of photos summer of 2014. Not of anything in particular but just of my surroundings. My dad's Texas farm was up for sale and I felt that taking photos of it was my way of parting with one of my favorite places. I also had a new lens and was super excited to try it out. So I decided to pack my camera for the blueberry farm in Kentucky to keep shooting like I had been doing in Texas.