Abroad {week 10}: Spain

Week 10 was my last full week in Spain! Today (Monday the 11th) I'm entering week 11 and on Wednesday I'll be flying to Zagreb, Croatia.

Last week I missed a chunk of photos. 

Not only have I been living in the suburbs of Spain for 2 1/2 months now and there's only so much inspiration I can creatively pull from that but I also was sick.  Alvaro and I got some kind of mild stomach bug that involved throwing up and having little energy.  I quickly got better but then brutality in America roared its ugly head once again.  Two black men were shot by police. I was mad. My heart broke for the black community. A few days later I woke up to find out about Dallas before I even lifted my head off of my pillow. Police were shot by a sniper. America cried and argued.

Being in Spain while that was happening was odd for me. I didn't get to have passionate conversations with my family and friends about it since I'm a continent and time zones away. I texted my friends in the Dallas area who would have been near or at the protest to make sure they were OK emotionally and physically. I relied on WiFi and social media to stay connected to the news, posting my opinions and articles on Facebook.  I supported and listened to my friends of the black community to hear what they had to say. I listened to my friends who posted about All Lives Matter. I was attached to my phone and laptop, staying connected to social media for hours.

However, good things happened, too.

On Thursday evening I had a beautiful time with friends. We got dinner together and hung out at the local bar. 

On Friday I had the day off so I hung out at the pool.  That evening, Tatiana and I got pasta at our favorite restaurant.

On Saturday, a bunch of us Au Pairs all met up in the city and hung out on the beach. It was fantastic. Definitely one of my favorite days here. That night, we all got together again and went to the local bars and club. It was my last weekend night in Coruna and it was wonderful.

All day yesterday I stayed in bed working on planning my Croatia trip. I found a route to navigate around Croatia and Montenegro. I contacted hostels, Airbnb, and couchsurfing hosts. I booked nights at different places and my bank account cried a little. It took all day.

So this week has had its slow days and its crazy days. It had its ups and downs. I will post the photos I took this last week in a row as opposed to a daily photo blog because I was either napping in bed while sick or obsessing over social-political issues in America and did not take photos every day. 

In sequential order you see Alvaro and Jaime playing at the pool. Paloma was at camp all last week so she was not with us.

The street photo of the Velvet store really excited me. I know many of you probably have no clue why this mediocre photo is important. There is a show on Netflix called Velvet. It's a Spanish show and I obsessed over it a while back. It's cheesy yet romantic, beautiful, and fun. It's set in the 50's at a fashion store. I mean....what's better than a Madrid fashion store in the 50s? Go watch the show Velvet! I had no clue there was an actual Velvet store so when I saw the sign I literally exclaimed, "OMG IT'S REAL!" 

Next, you'll see fish photos. The Au Pairs and I stopped by the fish market before hitting up the beach. We wanted to see what it was like. It's a very popular market in A Coruna. The fish and seafood here are amazing! Tatiana and I bought uhhhhmazing sushi at the fish market. The second fish photo is actually really hilarious. We can't decipher if it's true or not because some locals told us this isn't true but many locals told us that it absolutely is true.  The pile of weird looking things on the table are fish penises. Yes. And it's a delicacy. This provided us much amazement and laughter because we were shocked that this was an actual thing. 

Following this lovely pile of penises is a candid group photo of us au pairs. We were laughing about something after having such a fantastic day on the beach.  Prior to the beach we hit up the local market and bought food and wine to drink and eat while hanging out in the sand.  We all bought sweets, fruit, and 2 massive bottles of wine. Personally, I bought one of the huge bottle of wine, 2 pieces of fruit, a water bottle, and a chocolate croissant. Guess how much it cost??? Just guess? 2.50 euros. 2.50. *jaw drop*

After the beach we all walked to a local restaurant and ate chocolate y churros which is a very popular snack here. Most people eat them on Sunday morning (I think). 

Between fish penises and sushi, wine and the beach, and chocolate y churros, Saturday was a FANTASTIC day!

Following churros is a selfie of Jaime and I, two shots of the beautiful details of architecture and color I love to see on my walks to the beach, and a street graffiti sign that in translation says "without you I do not" or "without you I don't" which I interpret as "without you I cannot live" or "you fulfill me". 

Today and tomorrow I am finishing organizing as much of my trip as I can for Croatia for the next 2 weeks. I am packing and getting rid of some clothes that I packed but can't keep anymore. I'm saying bye to my friends and hanging out with the kiddos as much as possible. Soon I'll be completely solo traveling a new country!