Senior Portrait Edition : Rylee

Rylee is a babe and she's a Dallas senior graduating high school this year. Her fashion sense, her hair, and her smile made her senior shoot look easy not to mention that she's seriously so sweet with a great laugh and sense of humor. 

You know what makes this senior shoot even better? She's my cousin! Her older sister is my age and we grew up super close as young children but around the time Rylee was born my family moved a lot further away from her family so I wasn't as involved in Rylee's life. I remember when she was born and I have clear memories of hanging out with her when she was a little girl. She was such an adorable, platinum blonde, wild thing full of life and nothing has changed!

4 years ago, I took photos for her 13th birthday at Grapevine Springs Park, which is when I first started learning photography so let's not re-visit those photos, but it also feels like the other day that I took those photos! She went from 13 to graduating before my eyes! 

Actually, JK, I'm going to entertain you a bit. Here are a few photos from 4 years ago. 

The photos aren't awful but the editing was lacking and I did not shoot manually. Basically, I've improved a lot and it's pretty cool I got to take Rylee's photos again!

It's such an honor to take important photos for someone because I get to visually illustrate how cool he or she is. And if y'all don't know Rylee, let me tell you, she's freaking cool.

The day of her shoot, we met up in Dallas and explored a bit. She took me to this sweet parking garage where we got amazing views of the Fountain Place as a backdrop. Fun Fact: my sister and I have always called this building the airplane building because of its shape. I'm always down for parking garages so I was super pumped for that. We also walked around the streets, visited the eye ball of Dallas, hung out under the lights at the Majestic theater, and just caught up on life. When I do urban portraits, I really enjoy walking around and exploring places, always on the lookout for light, colors, and design. We definitely found fun places to shoot that day and I can't wait to shoot in Dallas again!