Desenzano, Italy


Krissi and I visited Verona a few weeks ago. We stayed for one day, spent the night, and the next day on our way back home to Busto, we stopped by Desenzano, Lake Garda.

The Italian city is beautiful, of course, and is popular for tourists. It has a castle and beautiful views over the rooftops and colorful buildings. Oh, and it sits on the largest lake in Italy. No big deal, right? 

For info on where we stayed in Verona:

I used to book a place in Verona. Krissi and I stayed at an Airbnb called Sole and while it was nice I do think it was a bit expensive for how far out of town it was. However, the bus station was easy walking distance from the place and the host was extremely lovely. In the morning, she prepared us a full breakfast with juice and coffee. Super nice!

For info on Lake Garda:

We took a train from Verona to Desenzano. Don't plan on traveling around Lake Garda on a Sunday unless it's your only day. You can stay in Desenzano, though, as it's the town that the train stops at. If you have to take a bus to a nearby city with limited time then Sunday isn't your best day because the buses run a lot less that day. Desenzano can be seen in one day. 


Krissi and I had walked into the center of town and saw an interesting assembly of men. Some were in white uniforms and they all had their own old and matching skis. Then other men were in camo uniforms. Every man had a hat with a feather in it.

Making our way to the lake, Krissi and I kept seeing more and more of them. I walked up to a group of them and asked, "Parli inglese?"

All the men shook their heads no but they could use a few English words while they all asked each other, "Parli inglese??!!"

You could tell they all wanted to communicate with us so badly and Krissi and I were just standing there laughing. 

The men pushed a younger man, probably around our age, to the front because he knew English and he explained to us that they worked for the military. They basically had a military parade across town that day. 

The men asked where we were from and when they learned Krissi and I were from Texas they proceeded to pull out invisible guns like a cowboy and shoot them and said, "John Wayne!"

Every. Damn. Time.

Traveling as a Texan is always fun. 


We grabbed a pic with a few of the very nice and funny military men


Krissi and I finally made our way to the water.

The lake was so blue and clear that I kept thinking it was the sea. 

It was one of the first amazing days that felt like spring. The sun was out and the sky was clear and it felt uhhhhhhmazing. 

A large market of white tents lined the blue lake that was framed with stones. Across sat restaurants, sculptures, and people sunbathing while eating their lunches. 


A couple that sold jewelry made of flowers and fruit attracted our attention.

I wish I had taken photos of their booth but it was full of onlookers and I was busy admiring the artist couple's beautiful work. 

The colorful and organic jewelry was like candy to the eye.

The couple helped Krissi and I purchase our souvenirs and I'm happy I spent the money on my earrings. I rarely spend money while traveling but these were so worth it. 

My blue earrings are made of rose petals

Krissi and I then chilled by the water and relaxed under the sun. It was a beautiful day!

Be like this dog.

This dog is happy with herself. 

She does what she wants.

Take note. 

Caption this : 

Remind me to be as badass as this woman when I'm older. Proof that Italians are the best. 

We stayed in the city for a few hours and then took the train back to Busto Arsizio. Lake Garda is a tourist attraction but not one I had ever heard of and I'm assuming Americans haven't either as Venice, Florence, and Rome usually steal the spotlight.  

Look up Lake Garda and add it to the bucketlist! Next on my list to see on Lake Garda is Sirmione. (look it up. do it. just do it).