Carlotta : An Italian Goddess

Carlotta. Before I introduce you to her, I did a little Google search on the meaning of her name.

Free & Strong.

This is pretty accurate.

Carlotta is a goddess as you'll see from her photos. She reminds me of Venus with her hair and classic, strong features.

She's got an aura like fire. The kind of fire you want to be near because it warms you up and suddenly the current moment turns timeless and beautiful.

Carlotta and I met in Italy where I was living this year. She and I hit it off immediately. I wish we had more time together.

Here is a list of descriptive words for this beautiful woman: 

fiery     fierce     bubbly     determined     deep     intelligent     helpful     perceptive    welcoming   humorous     free     loving     fun     encouraging     bright    assertive     luminous     passionate

We did a shoot together at her family home. Her home is full of color, character, and charisma and it was perfect for our shoot. We had so much fun, which you'll be able to tell from the photos.