Editorial Edition : Spring Showers

Editorial Concept: 

It was a grey, stormy day for a spring fashion shoot but what better weather for an April photoshoot? Tut tut it looks like spring!

Mckella (the makeup artist) and I built a team around the concept of a spring shoot with:

  • lightweight textures
  • whimsical patterns
  • pastel colors
  • romantic hairstyles
  • colorful makeup. No shame--we added glitter on the models' faces and hair and it was great. 

Editorial Location:

Fort Worth is great for fashion shoots. Everyone immediately thinks of Dallas as the place to be for fashion, and it definitely stands out as a fashion forward city, but Fort Worth has amazing locations.

1. Fort Worth isn't nearly as crowded. I creatively think better when I have air and space to breathe and focus in. Little traffic getting to location(s) + no crowds = amazing photoshoot. 

2. Fort Worth is super spread out. There are endless locations if you explore.

3. There are a variety in these locations. I've shot in abandoned areas, industrial spots, modern and clean locations like the shoot in this blog post, in parking garages and through downtown, and in nature reserves with cactus and wildflowers. 

The location in this shoot is the West Seventh district of Fort Worth at the Kimball Art Museum. Between the Kimball Art Museum and the Amon Carter Museum, there are so many modern gems to shoot in right in the heart of Fort Worth

The museum fit our look perfectly with the green grass and concrete structures as it helped to showcase our fashion pieces without distraction while providing an interesting space for our whimsical mood.  

Editorial Team:

The collaborative team that helped create this photoshoot was :

Mckella Walsh : Makeup Artist - www.instagram.com/makeupbymckella

Jaylan Rose : Fashion Stylist - www.instagram.com/thebaldrapunzel

Lis Ledeay : Fashion Stylist - www.instagram.com/lis_fashionablemiss

Mia Shalese : Model - www.instagram.com/miashalese

Kris : Model - www.instagram.com/lunarkris 

Allie : Hair Stylist - www.instagram.com/hairbyallieo

Thanks to this team's innovative spirit, encouraging support, and creative ambition, we came out of this shoot with stellar editorial photos. Everyone came together to make this perfect spring look. After the shoot, we all ate Whataburger for dinner together and it made me so happy not only because Whataburger is the best (fight me) but also because I love my job. Connecting with and working alongside other creatives who have passion and ambition for what they do fuels me and is one of the reasons why I put so much time and effort into collaborations like this. 

What's Next:

Now that summer is in full swing and Texas has decided that August weather is coming early I will be posting my summer shoots and travel photos on my site and Instagrams so stay tuned!

Travel and personal IG : www.instagram.com/madelinefaye

Portrait IG : www.instagram.com/madelinefayep

In a few days I'll be in Sri Lanka traveling the island and I have some spring-summer shoots in the works to post soon! Cheers to summer!