Photographer's Edition: How to Shoot and Edit in Harsh Light

When I first started taking photos I would have cringed and ran away from that situation. I only shot in the lighting situations that I stated above.

I have since challenged myself to shoot in all lighting situations and while I still need to keep practicing and improving, I still would like to share how I shot and edited this mid-day shoot.

Overall, it’s good to know how to work with light. It’s necessary as a photographer.

Sometimes we have to shoot in less than ideal situations where there is literally only a few candles or only artificial light like lamp posts and car headlights.

Sometimes we have to shoot mid-day or with chiaroscuro lighting. It varies.

So instead of fearing it, I am working to embrace all the lighting situations and improve in them and I want to share with you my process!

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Portrait Editing : VSCO & Sleeklens

So I took it upon myself to test out these Sleeklens tools by comparing my original VSCO edits with Sleeklens edits.

With my VSCO edits, I select a preset, adjust as needed, and retouch in Photoshop.

With my Sleeklens edits, I rarely had to open Photoshop for more retouching because the brushes could do everything in Lightroom.

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