Couples Edition: Nicole and Taylor's Fall Shoot

A couple’s fall shoot in October is a dream, especially when that couple happens to be two of my favorite people in the world. This October post is nostalgic for me and I love how personal it is.

I love this couple so much so this fall shoot is a favorite of mine.

Meet Nicole and Taylor!

Nicole is a teacher. The best kind of teacher, too. Nicole has a way of inspiring and teaching because she is an amazing learner and listener and human. She loves tea, travel, people, her dogs, comfy dresses, sunshine, laughing, and sleeping in. She’s got the best laugh in the world and she’s a sunshine of a person.

Taylor is a tutor and a baseball coach. He’s intelligent and never misses a beat. Outside of Taylor’s family, baseball and Tech is life. He loves Dr. Pepper, ESPN, archery, authenticity, sour patch kids, Nicole, the west Texas sky, and quality time. Taylor is introverted so once you get to know him you’ll realize that he’s sarcastic, super laid back, and even-headed. Most of his interactions with Nicole are either sweet compliments or sarcastic jokes pointed at her, which is always entertaining. (sorry not sorry, Nicole haha).

Nicole has been my best friend since 2010 when she became Paige’s dorm roommate (Paige is my twin sister). I lived in the next dorm over, sharing a wall with them, so I was always over in their dorm hanging out.

When I met Nicole, she was already dating Taylor so I’ve known him almost just as long as her. He and I immediately bonded over sports and Whataburger the first time we met. It’s hard to believe how time flies, clearly remembering the dorm night that we all hung out for the first time 8 years ago as wee college students haha.

From 2010-2015, Paige, Nicole, and I lived together and October was always really special for us. We loved doing fall things in October.

October of 2014 became even more special when Taylor asked Nicole to marry him. The following year, on the exact same weekend, they married and had a stunning fall wedding.

Ever since Nicole and Taylor moved to Lubbock in 2015, we have made a point to see each other in October and this time I was able to photograph them!

I was so happy when Taylor asked me to take their photos. I love photographing my loved ones!

This couple’s fall shoot is magical, warm, and exciting. My heart is full.