Couples Edition: Sunrise Lake Session

Watch the sun rise over a lake in the middle of nature with your boo….

So romantic!

You can have a morning like that with me AND get photos! A sunrise lake session is in the books and I want more of these.

I had so much fun on this lake session with Gwen and Jesse! There was a lot of laughing, dancing, and rock skipping. They’re the type of couple that is so relaxed with each other and comfortable in a shoot that it felt like we met up just to hang out.

I should have brought breakfast and it could have been an official date with me as third wheel, which I already advocate for on all shoots anyway haha.

Our sunrise lake session inevitably included too many spider webs, an insanely early morning wake up call, and too much humid heat because it hadn’t cooled off yet…because Texas. But we also came across deer in the woods right on the lake and watched a beautiful sunrise while chilling on a ravine over an eastern horizon. There was also a lot of rock climbing, lake wading, and barefoot walking.

The sunrise was magical and our little lake beach spot was secluded and stunning.

Lake photoshoots are one of my favorite things ever. I love being out in nature. Water is so expressive, intimate, and mesmerizing. When a couple says they want a sunrise lake session I’m jumping for joy, except for when I’m setting my alarm clock, but it’s ultimately worth it!

I basically have the coolest job ever. I get to hang out with amazing people on shoots in awesome locations and then I create something beautiful that makes them happy.

I love it all so much.