Couples Edition : Barbie & Esteban

This Dallas couple came out to Lake Texoma to play in the water and climb rocks and explore barefoot with me through some rad nature and I AM IN LOVE.

You know why I love shooting with couples? They’re always down for an adventure together.

On my couples shoots, we are out exploring on land and adventuring together. Maybe it’s because it’s so different than a typical Netflix + pizza date night in pajamas so couples are like, “Hellll yeah, let’s get wild!”

You DFW couples—if you’re ready to have a barefoot adventure out in some dirt and wild then let me know because I am here and ready for you. Barbie and Esteban served.

Let me start by saying they drove all the way out to Lake Texoma to meet me (which is a far drive from Dallas) and I realized once we got there that the location we wanted to get to wasn’t quite possible so we just adventured off to a beach that I had never seen before and it was slightly precarious to reach but it all turned out better than I could have imagined.

We had our own little lake beach and it was beautiful.

Barbie and Esteban had so many stories to tell together and I loved hearing about their favorite memories together. Their sense of humor, willingness to climb rocks and get in the water, and their steamy chemistry was everything to me.

During the shoot, Barbie and I concurred that Esteban looked like Prince Eric—especially with his amazing hair. We also saw a few fish skeletons in the sand, kind of felt like we were in a high school make-out spot after we saw a heart carved into the rocks, and we got rained on a bit but we didn’t care because we all got in the lake anyway.

Couples photography is so fun. It’s like shooting a romantic film but IRL (in real life) and I love that I’m the one capturing that intimate love!

Basically, what I say to my couples for their shoot is, “This is a date. I want y’all to have fun! I’m your third wheel and I’m cool with that. Bring wine and PDA. But seriously.” I love my job.

Thanks to Barbie and Esteban, I have these steamy photos to post and I’m so excited to share them with you all!