Portrait Edition: Fall Photos

If you’re from Dallas, Texas and you think of fall then you most likely think one of two things:

  1. I so wish we had a fall here

  2. I so wish I could visit a place with a fall

Typically, Dallas during the fall sucks because fall barely visits North Texas and when it does arrive it usually appears in late November.

Last year, we had such a warm autumn that the colors didn’t show until December and they were few and far between.

This year, though, fall in Dallas was actually pretty amazing….for Texas that is. But I’m not complaining. I so enjoyed the vivid fall colors in the DFW area and took countless photos and videos on my phone.

The other day, I was driving around a Plano/Dallas location scouting for a fall shoot spot and the location failed me. What I checked out had no color and looked kind of run down from all the recent rain.

I was about to head home after looking for good fall color when an unassuming road intrigued me. I drove down the road and found the most perfect little spot full of color.

I instantly made a model call because I knew that in a day or two all that color would vanish. Ashlyn Christina immediately responded, saying we could shoot the next day. We took advantage of the Dallas fall colors and I AM SO HAPPY. I’ve always wanted to have fall photos in my portfolio because I love vivid warm colors and fall is the most magical month.

I stayed up so late editing these because I couldn’t put them down until I was finished. These fall portraits just glow. The light, the colors, and Ashlyn snapped and I can’t get over it.

These fall photos have me drooling. A fall in Dallas. Who would have thought?