Maternity Edition : Emily and Dennis Kelly

As a portrait photographer, I love shooting from fashion to senior photography to maternity. If you've got a bump in the oven then take those photos! It's such a special time to document.

On this shoot, at Plano's Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Emily and Dennis and I had a blast together. As you can see from the following photos, there was lots of laughing. For example, I asked Dennis to move Emily's hair behind her ear.....

Maybe I should have specified to do it 'gracefully' but then again I kinda like these more haha. 

It's good to not take shoots too seriously. I mean I want you to come ready and all. Don't be wearing sweats but also come ready to play

And couples who are camera shy, (like aren't we all, though?), I want you to know that I've got you. You'll be laughing, saying "awwwww," kissing, cuddling, and feeling confident and relaxed in my shoots.

I've got experience and things up my sleeve to ensure this so don't avoid a shoot because of shyness. EVEN WORSE - don't go for a super low budget photographer because you're afraid you won't like the photos anyway and would rather spend less because of that. You get what you pay for. Picking for the photographer you want is so worth it!

Maternity photos are so special so take a little time and enjoy a shoot. You'll cherish these photos forever!

Speaking of cherishing photos, this last week I followed up with a second shoot with Emily and Dennis but this time little John Dennis Kelly was born and alive and crying and sleeping and being the awesome baby he is and I got to photograph this sweet family!

Working with couples and families is special because I am invited into their lives and I'm blessed to witness how they live and love and there's something so intimate about being a part of that. I also gain knowledge, wisdom, and insight into how people work and thrive because I'm constantly working with them in personal situations. Being photographed is pretty vulnerable so I'm thankful to be an artist that is invited into other people's bubbles.

With that being said, I hope you can feel the joy, laughter, and love that this shoot held.