Lifestyle Edition: Apple Picking and 6 Other October Traditions

"If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then Autumn would be the magic hour" - Victoria Erickson

October traditions are important to me. It's my favorite month and I try to do as many October things as possible. I want to share my favorite things to do in October and obviously I'm going to pick the lucky number 6 for the best and spookiest month of the year.

Halloween is also my favorite holiday so to compliment my love for this month, I decided to post my most recent Autumn photos of a fall activity. I'm actually not much into tradition in general but October is unique and I never get bored with these fall traditions.

I was just thinking about it today - who doesn't love Autumn? I don't know if Fall is the most loved season but I really think it's the least hated. Some people hate summer and winter as they are pretty extreme but there's always a craze around fall.

Fall is such a hauntingly beautiful season. Everything starts to die yet we adore the transition. In nature's cycle of death, vibrant colors, cooler weather, and glowing sunlight peaks. Plaid clothing, bonfires, ghost stories, and outdoor activities thrive. It's our last hoorah of the year before the holidays get crazy and the winter causes us to hibernate.

Fall is like a warm cozy hug and in that season October always holds an air of excitement.

The photos below are from when I went apple picking with my sister and brother-in-law in Pennsylvania at Solebury Orchards this October. Apple picking and cider farms are a big deal up in the North East. It was so much fun! Now I need to plan a pumpkin patch day and snag some more October photos. 

Here are my top 6 favorite October traditions: 

1. October music

10 years ago, Paige (my twin) and I had recently acquired our driver's license so we started driving a lot between our house, our friends' houses, and school. This was a lot of driving because not only did we live 30 minutes away from school but also none of our friends were driving yet so we became the official chauffeurs.

As teenagers do, Paige and I were obsessed with music. We had a CD playing every time we were driving. It became tradition 10 years ago to listen to a specific set of songs in the fall. Since then, the music has held such fall nostalgia for us, between football games and band practices and fall festivals and homecoming dances, that we still listen to this music every year but only during the month of October to not let the specific nuances of our October nostalgia to fade away from those formative teen years. 

I won't list all the songs but I will list 15 October songs that we make sure to rock out to as much as we possibly can in October. You'll see a theme of angsty, emo punk rock, teenager themed songs reminiscent of the mid 00's. 

1. October Nights - Yellow Card

2. Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional

3. The entire CD of Punk Goes Acoustic 2

4. Existentialism on Prom Night - Straylight Run

5. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

6. The Best of Me - The Starting Line

7. The entire album of From Under the Cork Tree - Fall Out Boys

8. Misery Business - Paramore 

9. I Caught Fire - The Used

10. Ohio is for Lovers - Hawthorne Heights 

11. The Kill - Thirty Seconds To Mars

12. Gold Lion - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

13. Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold

14. Tribute and Wonderboy - Tenacious D

15. MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday 

My friends and I now share an entire playlist of these songs via Spotify to listen to. We may not be driving together on country roads while shouting the lyrics on our way to 5th quarter or the homecoming dance anymore but we still love our October songs. Every October 1st we remind each other that we can finally play our throwback October playlist. 

2. Pumpkin Carving

My family has always taken pumpkin carving kind of seriously. Growing up, my dad was an amazing pumpkin carver for us kiddos. My favorite part was and still is cleaning the pumpkin out. It may be weird but I love the way a pumpkin smells and the way picking the seeds out feels.

Roasted pumpkin seeds are such a Halloween staple for me! Paige now carves pumpkins every year. She always picks the advanced templates and creates amazing pumpkin carvings for our porch. This is definitely a favorite tradition of mine. 

3. Fall Activities

When cooler weather hits I'm so happy. Summer in Texas is brutal. I LOVE summer but it gets too much by August. 100+ Fahrenheit is hell so Autumn in Texas is such a breath of fresh air. Let's be real, it's basically only 75-85 degrees in October in Texas but it's an improvement. 

This year, I visited New Jersey for a month right when their fall began so I went apple picking at Solebury Orchards for a fun fall event and it was amazing. Everyone was dressed in plaid with their fall vests and boots and it was picture perfect. With the apples we picked, my older sister Tristan made an apple crumble.

I also went to an Oktoberfest in New Hope, PA. That was fun because beer and all.

Pumpkin patches, fall festivals, kayaking, trail walking, haunted houses, and patio sitting at beer gardens or restaurants are all things I start doing when the fall weather hits and I love it because I'm always happiest when I'm active and/or outdoors.

4. Fall Movies

So my friends and family obviously have a thing for October traditions as you can tell. We also have a list of fall movies we watch every October. 

Here are my top 10 favorite October movies:

1. Hocus Pocus

2. Penelope

3. Last of the Mohicans

4. Anything scary because duh

5. Casper

6. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949 Cartoon)

7. Meet Me in St. Louis (this can go for fall or Christmas tradition)

8. Practical Magic

9. Halloweentown

10. Harry Potter : The Prisoner of Azkaban 

There are so many that I want to revisit or haven't watched at all. If you have any movies you love to watch in the fall then list it in the comments! I love warm and cozy movies, scary movies, and Halloween movies!

5. Halloween Parties and Costumes

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Nothing is better than dressing up head to toe in a costume and being someone else for a day. To take on an entirely new character, eat candy, watch scary movies, party with friends, and be surrounded by witches and ghosts is a dream come true for me. This year I am going to be the Queen of Hearts and I can't wait to DIY the entire thing and have fun with that. I'm going with a group of friends as Disney villains, which should be really fun!

6. Fall Food

I love fall food. Pies, apples desserts, pumpkin spice, butternut squash, walnuts and pecans, mashed potatoes, pears, soups. The list goes on for all the fall foods I love. A few years ago I made a pumpkin heath bar cake that I intend to make again this year. It's pretty delicious. My favorite beers come out in fall, too! Oktoberfest beers are the best beers. 

Cheers to October and Halloween! It's the best time of year.