Fashion Edition : Collaborative Fashion Shoot in Fort Worth, Texas

A Fort Worth fashion shoot is in the books. And no, it's not a Stockyards southern boutique inspired fashion shoot just because I said Fort Worth. This Fort Wort fashion shoot is urban and bold

When you put a bunch of creatives in a cool, urban setting with a loud speaker playing music you'll find they get a little weird and a lot imaginative.

I generally like to plan fashion shoots out very specifically with a theme, a stylist and a story much more like an editorial approach. Other times, it's best to meet up with artists and go with the flow. A little less effort and a little more whimsy to see what happens and that's just what we did. 


My intention coming into this collaborative Fort Worth fashion shoot was to capture as much color as I could while working with new people in new places.


1. The first location was a (non-colorful) monochrome, somber train station but it was cool so I was into it.

2. The second location was a bright and bold wall near a train track that was actually on private land so we got asked to leave.  However, we charmed the workers that told use to leave and they granted us to stay through our shoot but next time we "have to ask permission" to shoot there. Success. 

3. The third location was the backside of a coffee shop in a parking lot we randomly stopped at while driving around Magnolia

4. The last location was at Mexican Inn because we were hungry and cold and they have free chips and salsa so duh.

Talent speaks for itself. You can shoot anywhere and make it look good. 

For this fashion shoot, I met up with artists:

Victoria Nguyen - IG :

Amanda Saunders - IG :

Joe Johnson - IG :

Jewels Clark - IG :

Jaylan Rose - IG :

 Aime Ramirez - IG :

Jaylan and Amanda modeled like the confident creative babes they are while the rest of us clicked away. The shoot was very fashion based thanks to Jaylan's styling and modeling, Aime's make-up artistry, and Amanda's talented modeling. 

Here are a few behind-the-scenes outtakes from the shoot:

Despite the day being super windy and chilly, we had a full and fun day of successful shooting. After the shoot, we ended at Buon Giorno Coffee to edit but guess who didn't get that memo? Yup, me. I didn't have my laptop so I enjoyed a nice cappuccino and chilled while the others edited. It was a great day from start to finish. 

February is dull and cold and I'm already over it so let this bold and urban Fort Worth fashion shoot brighten your day!