Portrait Edition : Penelope

Penelope is a Dallas hair stylist and we shot creative portraits at Tandy Hills in Fort Worth. The reason? Just because!

It’s good to treat yourself, love yourself, and get some glam photos just because! I was so happy that she asked me to take her photos because during the shoot because we did a lot of laughing and talking and being free-spirited in nature and I always enjoy that. She wore this beautiful blue dress and was down to walk through tall weeds. We ended up with lots of stickers stuck to our clothes and shoes but Penelope didn’t care because she’s cool haha.

I love the one on one time I get with my clients. We get to know each other, laugh, explore an area, and it’s truly an uplifting and fun experience. I get to do my job with a lot of positive energy and my client gets to feel beautiful….win win!

So don’t keep making excuses to not have a photoshoot! Go out and celebrate yourself. Capture those shots you’ll love to have right now as well as look back on.

Even bring a friend or have a shoot with your friend. Let’s get out there and have some fun!