Couples Edition : Olivia and Colton Explore NYC

If you know me then you know I like to explore (like anywhere and everywhere). My clients tend to like to explore, too, which makes my job feel like vacation. I met Olivia and Colton in New York City and explore we did! This NYC couples shoot is everything.

Olivia and Colton are some of my favorite people. In the beginning of my photography career, they trusted me as a newbie and I have shot for them in the past, including their engagement and wedding photos. *insert awwwwwww here* 

They are from Texas, just like me, but they were visiting NYC at the same time as me. Fate? I think so. (Or maybe I'm just stalking them). On their last day in New York, we slayed this NYC couples shoot, hanging out and having fun from morning 'til night. 

We weren't the ultimate tourists, hitting up every NYC hot spot, because we wanted to keep it chill and real.

We hit up Battery Park and grabbed some drinks and snacks nearby, aka: alcohol and queso. 

Then we made our way to Union Square Market, snacking on random vendors' treats, and then we rested at Union Square to people watch.

That was only half the shoot.

We also hit up a pub, because yes always yes, and walked around so much of the city that we grabbed Ramen and espressos near the end of the shoot to rest and energize back up.

We finished the night at Ear Inn. Yes, it's called Ear Inn, and it's one of the oldest establishments in the city. 

Ear Inn is also called "Ear' because it read "Bar" on a neon sign but part of the 'B' was out so it actually guessed it....Ear. Haha ok back on track--

The fun thing about shooting with couples, such as Olivia and Colton, is we always kick back with drinks and explore whatever we explore and are out to enjoy the day and that's what I'm all about.

NYC couples shoots are great for those who have an adventurous soul but can also kick it and people watch while sipping espresso (or a cocktail or a beer or yeah). Fun fact : Olivia decided to get an espresso, although she never drinks them, and hated it so much that her thick southern accent and remarks of disgust could probably be heard across the street. Probably one of my favorite moments of the shoot. Also, thanks Colton for buying my beer. You the real MVP.