Travel Edition : NYC in the Summertime

NYC in the summertime. So nostalgic. So whimsical. So carefree. Sounds like it would make a romantic movie or lighthearted book. 


It's a concrete hell full of heavy, human air and relentless sun as its rays harshly reflect off glass windows above and burn straight down through your sweaty skin cells to your core. No air to breathe. No shade. No a/c inside buildings.

Geno and Paige, my friend and sister respectively, are the subjects in these film photos but don't let their happy demeanor fool you. JK. We were pretty happy most of the time but most of these photos are of buildings and such because we were sweating too much for photos. You know when you're on E and can't even talk anymore? That was us at one point. 

Now that I've sold you on visiting NYC in the summer........

I mean what're you gonna do when you're already there in June? You're going to have fun anyway even if your clothes are covered in sweat and your deodorant insists on melting right off.

Besides sweating, we enjoyed plenty of cold beers and pizza, sushi for dinner, drinking in Astoria til 4 am, street tacos on the way back to Manhattan, and people watching on fifth avenue. We also decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, as a tourist does, and that's pretty cool. 

Overall, the trip was super fun but next time the only thing I want to do in NYC in the summer is sit in an empty pub and drink a cold one, chill on a rooftop pool with all the cool people, or better yet, not be there. There's so many tourist articles like, "10 things every NYC local should do this summer" and I'm like "1. get out 2. escape 3. runaway 4. the Hamptons 5. GET OUT..." 

I love NYC but I think it's so much better in the fall-springtime.

Maybe, despite all of my sweaty salty negativity, these photos will portray an illusion of fun, whimsical, carefree New York in the summertime. Either way, I had a blast on this trip because there's always so much to do and see in NYC and it never gets old to me.

Oh and at the end there's a few shots from my trip back to NJ from the city. Rainbows and flowers because *summertime.*