Summer Sunset Shoot in Marigold

Folksy, bohemian, free-spirited portrait sessions in nature during the late summertime are what my photography dreams are made of.

Texas is wonderful to shoot for that flat horizon and sunset sky. Not to mention that extremely dry cornfields, yellow sunflowers, pink crepe myrtles, and a marigold dress sure do make my job easier.

This gal Hailey lives not a stone's throw away from me and we grew up in the same town. I made a status asking someone to model for me because I needed a creative shoot. I always do. (psssst! Book me, y'all.) She commented on my status and we booked the following day! Easy peasy.

We walked around, talked about life, laughed about how much taller she was than me so I needed a stool to stand on, and enjoyed a stunning sunset. 

Sometimes a photographer just needs someone to shoot with under zero pressure! It's so much fun to explore and create with no boundaries. Let me know if anyone feels like getting weird and creative with me because I'm always down.

This entire shoot was edited with Brixton's Essentials package and the Teakwood preset. My previous blog was a review on Brixton film presets for portraits. I struggled a bit more editing their presets on my portraits than on my travel photos in this review but maybe I just needed to really discover and play with Teakwood, which is my new favorite portrait preset to use. I love the warmth, creamy light, and high contrast of the preset which you'll see in these photos. 

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