Portrait Edition: Fall Photos

I instantly made a model call because I knew that in a day or two all that color would vanish. Ashlyn Christina immediately responded, saying we could shoot the next day. We took advantage of the Dallas fall colors and I AM SO HAPPY. I’ve always wanted to have fall photos in my portfolio because I love vivid warm colors and fall is the most magical month.

I stayed up so late editing these because I couldn’t put them down until I was finished. These fall portraits just glow. The light, the colors, and Ashlyn snapped and I can’t get over it.

These fall photos have me drooling. A fall in Dallas. Who would have thought?

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Lifestyle Edition: Apple Picking and 6 Other October Traditions

I was just thinking about it today - who doesn't love Autumn? I don't know if Fall is the most loved season but I really think it's the least hated. Some people hate summer and winter as they are pretty extreme but there's always a craze around fall.

Fall is such a hauntingly beautiful season. Everything starts to die yet we adore the transition. In nature's cycle of death, vibrant colors, cooler weather, and glowing sunlight peaks. Plaid clothing, bonfires, ghost stories, and outdoor activities thrive. It's our last hoorah of the year before the holidays get crazy and the winter causes us to hibernate.

Fall is like a warm cozy hug and in that season October always holds an air of excitement.

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