Photographer's Edition: How to Shoot and Edit in Harsh Light

When I first started taking photos I would have cringed and ran away from that situation. I only shot in the lighting situations that I stated above.

I have since challenged myself to shoot in all lighting situations and while I still need to keep practicing and improving, I still would like to share how I shot and edited this mid-day shoot.

Overall, it’s good to know how to work with light. It’s necessary as a photographer.

Sometimes we have to shoot in less than ideal situations where there is literally only a few candles or only artificial light like lamp posts and car headlights.

Sometimes we have to shoot mid-day or with chiaroscuro lighting. It varies.

So instead of fearing it, I am working to embrace all the lighting situations and improve in them and I want to share with you my process!

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Creative Edition: Harsh Light & Fruit

Harsh light is not scary or ugly as that’s a wildly popular opinion for photographers and their clients. Instead, that mid day light can be a gateway to creativity and expression, working with the most beautiful element—light.

Jillian and I really enjoyed these portraits, exploring a Dallas park under a deep blue October sky and bright sun.

We had been wanting to do a fruit-themed shoot for months now.

We both loved the idea because not only is fruit an aphrodisiac but it’s also earthy, colorful, and expressive with its many textures and shapes.

Jillian was the perfect model for this harsh sunlight because she rocked that mid-day glare in her eyes so beautifully. Anyone that can squint at a camera and still look stellar is an excellent subject haha.

This shoot felt so connected to roots and the earth. I love a natural element in a shoot.

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