Lifestyle Edition: Apple Picking and 6 Other October Traditions

I was just thinking about it today - who doesn't love Autumn? I don't know if Fall is the most loved season but I really think it's the least hated. Some people hate summer and winter as they are pretty extreme but there's always a craze around fall.

Fall is such a hauntingly beautiful season. Everything starts to die yet we adore the transition. In nature's cycle of death, vibrant colors, cooler weather, and glowing sunlight peaks. Plaid clothing, bonfires, ghost stories, and outdoor activities thrive. It's our last hoorah of the year before the holidays get crazy and the winter causes us to hibernate.

Fall is like a warm cozy hug and in that season October always holds an air of excitement.

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Carlotta : An Italian Goddess

Carlotta. Before I introduce you to her, I did a little Google search on the meaning of her name.

Free & Strong.

This is pretty accurate.

Carlotta is a goddess as you'll see from her photos. She reminds me of Venus with her hair and classic, strong features.

She's got an aura like fire. The kind of fire you want to be near because it warms you up and suddenly the current moment turns timeless and beautiful.

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Abroad {week 11 & 12}: Croatia and Montenegro

Once again I am combining 2 weeks worth of iPhone photos. These last two weeks have been incredible but I have been traveling like crazy. On the road. Touring. Partying. Booking hostels. Missing WiFi and work but busy as a bee and I've been so happy. I feel like I'm becoming the person I've always wanted to be. (Now how to maintain this lifestyle....)

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Why Do I Travel?

There’s this concept that those who travel have hit an identity crisis or have lost a loved one, maybe even themselves, and have to travel to heal and to find their true soul. This is not true. So, like Tolkein says, just because you’re a wandering soul does not mean you are a lost one.

With that being said, I often get asked why I travel.  

They say, “Why do you travel? To find yourself? To become a better person?”

And if you’re curious why I travel then I’m afraid you will not get a direct answer.

I don’t travel to find myself.



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Abroad {week 10}: Spain

Next, you'll see fish photos. The Au Pairs and I stopped by the fish market before hitting up the beach. We wanted to see what it was like. It's a very popular market in A Coruna. The fish and seafood here are amazing! Tatiana and I bought uhhhhmazing sushi at the fish market. The second fish photo is actually really hilarious. We can't decipher if it's true or not because some locals told us this isn't true but many locals told us that it absolutely is true.  The pile of weird looking things on the table are fish penises. Yes. And it's a delicacy. This provided us much amazement and laughter because we were shocked that this was an actual thing. 

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Athens: Naked Men and No Toilets

This trip consisted of a large group: Mariah, Paige, Morgan, Ben, Hugo, and me. We all traveled together a lot and Greece was one of our longer trips because us girls had a few extra days off from school. 

Things don't always go as planned while traveling.....

Like that one time that we walked what felt like miles in the heat to see a museum that Ben told us about only to find out that it was closing when we arrived. We really let Ben hear our frustrations. Poor Ben.

Or the time that we sat in front of Zeus's temple for a break and we all got a tan but Ben turned into a lobster. I also lost my watch there and although I loved that watch it was like a fateful gift to Zeus so at least it went to something cool.

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If It Wasn't For Texas

The place where our family congregated—where we grew up learning about snakes, coyotes, and horses, fixing fences, shooting guns, playing in the woods, and staking an identity from childhood to adulthood as we learned the importance of family comes first; this place where heartbreak and mending happened, a place of growth and later in life a place of quiet respite where steak was grilled, cigars were smoked, porch sitting was sat, and the birds and frogs were heard; this place where cows and goats found our front yard, where all the neighborhood dogs assembled, where old trails, creeks, interesting mushrooms, and deer were spotted on our long hikes on our land; this place where our mother sat outside with us after exploring the woods to tell us which birds were singing in the trees, the place where our father saddled up horses so we could ride or drove his car down country roads as we ran so he could make sure we were safe; this place where loved pets died but were also born and the place where I sat on the sidewalk on summer nights watching the Texas stars shine bright; this place where our roots became intertwined with the landscape that reflected our hearts and identities because this place was our comfort, our stories, and our home.....

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Kentucky Blueberry Pickin'

In summer of 2014, I visited Kentucky like I have every year since I was a baby. Kentucky is my other home besides Texas. I have amazing family members that live in Kentucky and it is a highlight of my year when I visit. 

Kentucky vacations include visiting family, excursions with said family like hiking and going to swamps and cemeteries, dancing to Bluegrass banjos on a river bank with pizza, swimming and eating ice-pops, singing a lot, discussing JFK's assassination with our granddad, and eating good local food.

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