Abroad {week 10}: Spain

Next, you'll see fish photos. The Au Pairs and I stopped by the fish market before hitting up the beach. We wanted to see what it was like. It's a very popular market in A Coruna. The fish and seafood here are amazing! Tatiana and I bought uhhhhmazing sushi at the fish market. The second fish photo is actually really hilarious. We can't decipher if it's true or not because some locals told us this isn't true but many locals told us that it absolutely is true.  The pile of weird looking things on the table are fish penises. Yes. And it's a delicacy. This provided us much amazement and laughter because we were shocked that this was an actual thing. 

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Spanish Summer: Bonfires, Beaches, and Beer

At midnight, fireworks began to explode across the water. My back and face suddenly grew hot as the night illuminated from dark blue to bright orange. Every bonfire around us was being, towering tall above us. In another direction, from a nearby beach, paper lanterns were floating towards us. The sky was filled with fire.

I'm not gonna lie. The rest of the night was a bit of a blur.  When you're sitting on a beach and have no clue where you are, in an abyss of litter, bonfires, smoke, and drunk people, time becomes warped.

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