Travel Edition: Top 10 Reasons Why I Miss London


I miss London. All the time.

There are always places while traveling that call my name that I know I will return to, or even have returned to, because I can't stay away. The Scottish Highlands, Italy, and London are the top ones I always go back to. 

London is the most extraordinary city I’ve visited. It is vast, diverse, and rich in history.

Moreover, London is simply one of those places I feel homesick for even though it’s not my home.

I last visited London this May and am already planning to go back next year. Missing London is my part time job.

My brother-in-law asked me the other day what was the thing I missed most about London and my first answer was “pubs!” but he wanted a more serious answer so I had the idea to create this list to show why I’m always homesick for a city that I haven’t even lived in.

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” –Samuel Johnson

The top 10 reasons why I miss London:


1. Pubs

London pubs are about as numerous in the city as cows are in Texas. They are literally everywhere and I love them. I love the cozy feeling inside pubs, the old wood interiors, the creaky floors, and how every pub claims to have a rich history such as “oldest pub” or “Churchill’s favorite pub.” I love English pub food so much on a cold, rainy day. The best, though, is the Sunday roast. If you have been to London and haven’t had a Sunday roast then I advice you to promptly buy a plane ticket to London this very minute for that dish because it’s delicious. It’s also just the thing to do on Sunday. When in Rome!

2. Friendly Locals

Some cities are known for having reserved or snobby people but every time I’m in England I feel like the people are insanely nice. The last time I was in London I had just come from Italy where they don’t care to stop for pedestrians on the roads and being almost hit by a motorbike is an every day occurrence. Basically, people in northern Italy keep to themselves until they know you and saying "sorry" or "thank you" to a stranger isn't so common. London is everything opposite of that. I remember a car stopping for me when it was in the right of way and then the driver waved at me and I was shocked once again at how friendly the locals are. Any Londoner bumping into me on the sidewalk always follows with a “sorry love” and I’m just drooling and saying, “omg it’s absolutely okay just call me love one more time!”

3. Green Landscapes

London better be green after all that rain. I feel like ‘London Green’ should be an official color as green is so vibrant all throughout the city. London has the best parks and they’re huge and well kept. When you think of London, you might think of busy, crowded, polluted, lively city but there are so many small villages tucked into London that seem like another world outside of the city. These villages have their horse farms, their one church, their one pub, and their one cricket field yet they’re still in London! There are also multiple walking trails off the beaten path amongst country roads throughout London. And if you are in central London and simply want a bit of peace and quiet then pick one of the many parks to hide away in. You won’t hear city noise!

4. The Accent

I know there are multiple British accents. I accept all of them as amazing.

5. Walking

The Underground is awesome. I usually always know what I’m doing on the tube but there’s nothing quite like walking around central London. The architecture and old buildings with their character and history always amaze me. The many shops, espresso bars, markets, and iconic sites adorn London. The fashion, the red buses and telephone booths, the blooming nature in spring or city lights up in winter, and all the quaint yet extremely overpriced and expensive homes are all so fun to see while roaming around. I would also like to point out that I rarely feel overwhelmed while walking around the city. It's not a stressful city even though it's massive. 

6. Tea time all the time

Tea time is the best, especially when there are scones and clotted cream and jam involved. There’s nothing like an English tea on a rainy day, in the morning, after eating, or just for a break. It’s a great way to decompress or catch up with friends, read, or let’s be real—update the IG with London photos.

7. History and Character

London is a time capsule. Every time I look up something to see or do in London there’s always a “check out the ruins of___” or “the alley in ___” or “the pub of ____” because something significant took place there 200-500 years ago or even centuries ago. It blows my mind every time. The fact that there are still preserved places throughout the city that make me feel like I’m walking into a time warp, like Goodwin’s Court, always makes my heart giddy. I don’t see these things in The States much less Texas so it’s a treat while exploring London.

8. British Humor

I can never tell what makes me laugh the most about British Humor. Is it the actual humor unique to Britain? Most the time yes. Is it the way they speak the same words as me but say it so differently? I realize their phrases sound mundane to each other but to me I can’t help but goggle at simple phrases because I would never phrase anything the same way. Is it that everything sounds funnier, sexier, lovelier, and more interesting in a British accent? Absolutely 100% yes.

9. Nostalgia

London is nostalgic for me. The rain, the history, the pubs and cafes, the brollies and wellies, old brick buildings, London movies I’ve watched growing up, and the rich literature like Charles Dickens are all descriptors as to why London makes me feel like I’m being wrapped up in a warm, cozy hug. I always long for London on days where I crave tea and a warm place to sit inside while the rainy outside day slowly passes by. Even days I’ve spent in London where I’ve been overwhelmed, overheated, and over it have been replaced with rose colored glasses full of nostalgic emotion. 

10. English Breakfast

I love breakfast and I especially love an English breakfast. The meal is always cheap and it’s absolutely delicious and I could eat it for every meal every day and be happy. Again, if you’ve been to London and not had one then buy a plane ticket this very instant and go get ya some.

Below are photos from my most recent trip to London. This blog is part 2 of my photographs. Part 1 is here in which I explore London, involving a color walking tour I created. Many of those colorful photos are below as well! London is gorgeous and I am always excited to photograph it.