Brixton Film Preset Edits for a Stylish Film Look | Portraits

In this blog I cover:

How I find subjects and models to shoot with while traveling / What said shoots look like with Brixton Preset edits / Compare & Contrast VSCO and Brixton / A step-by-step visual example using a Brixton preset  / Using different styles of Brixton presets on shoots with models and couples / A comparison of multiple Brixton presets amongst one photograph / A curation of my portraits with different Brixton presets / The conclusion = cons + pros + why

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Brixton Film Preset Edits for a Stylish Film Look | London + Scotland

Brixton Film and I teamed up so I can present their presets and bundles to photographers and I'm super excited to show them off because I'm in love with the results. I curated travel photos from a recent London and Scotland trip I took that I've been meaning to edit so why not use Brixton Film?! The ones I used the most are so beautiful and moody with rich shadows and cool highlights. They change the image from RAW and flat to a whole different dimension of depth and the perfect mixture of warm and cool. I love warm photos, rich blacks, and color color color. I had so much fun editing with two specific presets. What are they you ask?? You'll find out at the end of the blog!

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Carlotta : An Italian Goddess

Carlotta. Before I introduce you to her, I did a little Google search on the meaning of her name.

Free & Strong.

This is pretty accurate.

Carlotta is a goddess as you'll see from her photos. She reminds me of Venus with her hair and classic, strong features.

She's got an aura like fire. The kind of fire you want to be near because it warms you up and suddenly the current moment turns timeless and beautiful.

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Milan Fashion Shoot

The energy was real on this shoot y'all.

3 artistic, traveling, free spirited women met in Milan.

Quiana can  s l a y.  She isn't camera shy, she has energy like the sun, and her strong personality was like a magnet for me. She made the photoshoot so easy.


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Traveling Napoli + Amalfi Coast in 6 days

A month ago I visited Naples + Sorrento + Positano + Capri + Pompeii and hiked Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods). I only had 4 full days of touring as 2 days were flight days.

I read so many blogs and spent hours trying to get this trip just right. And guess what?! It paid off!

I found the best way to hike the Path of the Gods without wasting time & I found the the best way to see as many beautiful cities as I could before I left.

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10 Online Travel Hacks I Use on the Daily

Technology for the win! I know many people have qualms with technology and social media. I totally get it and you do you. I've met travelers who don't even have phones. For me, I put a lot of trust and information into my phone for smoother travels. 

In no particular order, these are 10 apps I use either daily or weekly while traveling. 

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Portrait Editing : VSCO & Sleeklens

So I took it upon myself to test out these Sleeklens tools by comparing my original VSCO edits with Sleeklens edits.

With my VSCO edits, I select a preset, adjust as needed, and retouch in Photoshop.

With my Sleeklens edits, I rarely had to open Photoshop for more retouching because the brushes could do everything in Lightroom.

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Desenzano, Italy

The lake was so blue and clear that I kept thinking it was the sea. 

It was one of the first amazing days that felt like spring. The sun was out and the sky was clear and it felt uhhhhhhmazing. 

A large market of white tents lined the blue lake that was framed with stones. Across sat restaurants, sculptures, and people sunbathing while eating their lunches. 

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Zagreb's Magic

Stop what you're doing right now and quickly Google in this order:

1. Where is Croatia?

2. What are the Balkans?

Ta-Da! You have learned something new today. And you know what? Now I think you should start considering traveling here. Because it is uhhhhhhhhmazing here!

Oh and you know what else is awesome? Croatians invented the necktie. Pay your respects Don Drapers of the world. You wouldn't be half as swag-a-licious without this Croatian tradition.


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Abroad {week 11 & 12}: Croatia and Montenegro

Once again I am combining 2 weeks worth of iPhone photos. These last two weeks have been incredible but I have been traveling like crazy. On the road. Touring. Partying. Booking hostels. Missing WiFi and work but busy as a bee and I've been so happy. I feel like I'm becoming the person I've always wanted to be. (Now how to maintain this lifestyle....)

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Why Do I Travel?

There’s this concept that those who travel have hit an identity crisis or have lost a loved one, maybe even themselves, and have to travel to heal and to find their true soul. This is not true. So, like Tolkein says, just because you’re a wandering soul does not mean you are a lost one.

With that being said, I often get asked why I travel.  

They say, “Why do you travel? To find yourself? To become a better person?”

And if you’re curious why I travel then I’m afraid you will not get a direct answer.

I don’t travel to find myself.



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Abroad {week 10}: Spain

Next, you'll see fish photos. The Au Pairs and I stopped by the fish market before hitting up the beach. We wanted to see what it was like. It's a very popular market in A Coruna. The fish and seafood here are amazing! Tatiana and I bought uhhhhmazing sushi at the fish market. The second fish photo is actually really hilarious. We can't decipher if it's true or not because some locals told us this isn't true but many locals told us that it absolutely is true.  The pile of weird looking things on the table are fish penises. Yes. And it's a delicacy. This provided us much amazement and laughter because we were shocked that this was an actual thing. 

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Abroad {week 9}: Spain

Week 9 is my last full week in Spain. It's sad because I am just now being reached out to by locals and am making friends that are AMAZING but I am leaving next week. This happened to me in NYC when I stayed for about this time frame, too. I would say it takes that long to really get to know people and commit to hanging out with new people but I keep moving around the U.S. and Europe so it is what it is!

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Abroad {week 8}: Spain

This last week revolved largely around the community pool in our neighborhood. It opened a week beforehand but it rained every day. The kids and I spent almost every day at the pool last week! Thank goodness for sunshine! It was great. We also had San Juan night in Spain!! ( That was huge. My Friday and Saturday were recovery days.

Do you remember the castle ruins I posted about stumbling upon? I took Tatiana. She LOVED it. We will return. I took DSLR photos this time so blog post coming soon.

We also visited the Tower of Hercules last Monday. Blog post coming soon on that, too! WOW, I'm busy with amazing stories!! Can't complain about that:)

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Spanish Summer: Bonfires, Beaches, and Beer

At midnight, fireworks began to explode across the water. My back and face suddenly grew hot as the night illuminated from dark blue to bright orange. Every bonfire around us was being, towering tall above us. In another direction, from a nearby beach, paper lanterns were floating towards us. The sky was filled with fire.

I'm not gonna lie. The rest of the night was a bit of a blur.  When you're sitting on a beach and have no clue where you are, in an abyss of litter, bonfires, smoke, and drunk people, time becomes warped.

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Athens: Naked Men and No Toilets

This trip consisted of a large group: Mariah, Paige, Morgan, Ben, Hugo, and me. We all traveled together a lot and Greece was one of our longer trips because us girls had a few extra days off from school. 

Things don't always go as planned while traveling.....

Like that one time that we walked what felt like miles in the heat to see a museum that Ben told us about only to find out that it was closing when we arrived. We really let Ben hear our frustrations. Poor Ben.

Or the time that we sat in front of Zeus's temple for a break and we all got a tan but Ben turned into a lobster. I also lost my watch there and although I loved that watch it was like a fateful gift to Zeus so at least it went to something cool.

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